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افتراضي What to Expect from an Online Class?

Supplemented by the busy lifestyle and the ease of access in the world wide web, students, teachers and even private individual who aim to expand their expertise and knowledge opted to enroll in online classes. Online classes have been a product of how technology disrupts the area of education. Online courses are an educational format that is delivered thru an online platform employing accessibility to the internet. Popular online classes nowadays are offered by recognized professors who teach their field of study thru the aid of educational technology (Ed-Tech) start-up companies which acts as a middleman between the experts and the students. This Ed-tech start-ups invites professionals and professors to teach a lesson in a specific subject and present this lesson to students or other professionals that aim to learn the field of study of their choice. For example, a Professor of Water Engineering will teach a subject about Water Control Measure and management to students taking Water engineering or even professional engineers who want to learn about Water Engineering.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to identify the pro's and con's when attending online class as compared when in a classroom set-up, to weigh what to expect and what to gain. Here are some aspects to contemplate.

Nature of the course:

Before deciding to take online classes, an individual must understand the type and quality of the course they are aiming to complete. Understanding the structure, details, and requirements of the online course will help an individual anticipate the volume of time and work they must deliver to finish the module.

Time Commitment:

Given that class is done thru online, attending the course is so flexible following the student's convenience. Taking the online class either as partially or fully enables the student to fulfill their other responsibilities in such with so many distractions coming in, completing the module is a challenge in online class. To be able to complete the module, it is essential to plan and establish a schedule of activities per week elaborating the number of hours of allotted on online classes align to their convenient time.


The question of how discipline you are in learning and studying comes in, since an online class is not in a controlled environment as compared to the traditional on-campus setup, the nature of online courses must regulate online-student to have the discipline to complete the module.

Technology skills:

Given that online classes moderately utilize web and internet applications, basic technology skills must be a mandatory requirement. Among the technical skills involved are the:

a. Basic typing proficiency in communicating with online discussions, sharing work online using various text-based tools and by submission of word processed, written assignments.
b. Use of email to communicate with fellow online-students, faculty and instructors
c. Application of research tools, multi-media programs, and other online resources
d. Use of Search engine operators to access online materials and references.

Type of learner:

It is also important to note that before taking online classes, you must consider what type of learner you are or at which medium of learning you can learn more. An individual absorbs effectively and efficiently based on visual, auditory, application or in an experimental based. With this, a student must be able to adjust unto what medium of learning best suits him or her and on how he/she learns more. If a student learns more thru visual and auditory structure, then, online format will be good for you. However, if a student learns more based on application or through experiments traditional educational-format is more applicable.

Importance of Social interaction:

Communication and Teamwork: The importance of social interaction, differ per person. However, in the business world, communication skills and teamwork are constantly top skills required in the business field. These skills are well practiced and developed in the traditional education system as compared to online classes. Face to face communication with personal contact and teamwork is commonly done in a conventional on-campus setting. Also, any doubts, questions, and experiences by experts can be gained and asked easily on traditional education.

From this criterion, online classes have their drawbacks, but it also has its advantage if there is clear communication of agenda from instructors about the subject. Furthermore, availability and responsiveness of the instructors in teaching and consulting to their online students adds up to ease the challenge of completing online classes:

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